Astute Private Investigators
Auckland, Whangarei, Northland,
New Zealand. Call us on 09 434 8162 now.

Private Investigators in the detection of theft, damage & dishonesty cases. Locating witnesses, debtors and finding missing persons. Investigators of private  fidelity issues. Accident and fire investigators. The service of legal and court documents. Surveillance experts.

Business Investigation

Business Investigation Services We work with a wide range of business clients to investigate civil and criminal cases throughout New Zealand.

Insurance Investigation

Insurance Investigation Services We work with many Insurance clients to investigate civil and criminal cases throughout New Zealand.

Legal Investigation

Legal Investigation Services We work with Lawyers and other Legal clients to investigate civil and criminal cases throughout New Zealand.

Private Investigation

Private Investigation Services Investigating personal issues, finding missing persons, investigation of a cheating partner

Surveillance Services

Surveillance Services We provide all forms of surveillance services to support criminal, civil, and matrimonial cases throughout New Zealand. 

indeximageOur Promise to You…

Is complete and total confidentiality, discretion and honesty always guaranteed.

You will always be told the truth.

How we work with you…

  • We listen carefully to what you have to say and confirm exactly what you require.
  • We offer you the most effective strategy to achieve your case goals, based on  comprehensive experience.
  • We prepare an agreement, outlining what we will do and how much it will cost.
  • We conduct an effective, thorough investigation, targeted to your needs and within your budget.
  • We prepare comprehensive, professional  reports, audio and video evidence, files and exhibits, if required.
  • We always bill fairly, ethically, honestly and with flexibility to you, the client.
  • All information is handled with complete and total confidentiality.

We are YOUR Professional Collectors of Information.

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