Services We Offer

Astute Private Investigators, offers a comprehensive list of services, to Large and Small Business, Legal Professionals, and Private Individuals;

Professional Services Include…


  • Workplace Theft or Fraud Investigations.
  • Surveillance Operations.
  • Placement of Undercover Agent or Decoy (Long & Short Term Assignments)
  • Business Background Investigations.
  • Pre-Employment Checks.
  • Damage & Destruction of property or Livestock Cases
  • Electronic Bug Sweeps and Placement of Countermeasures.
  • Ethical Computer Hacking.
  • Consultancy Projects.
  • Covert Operations.


  • Identifying, locating & Interviewing Witnesses.
  • Pre-Trial Investigations.
  • Evidence Gathering.
  • Witness Background Checks.
  • Background Searches.
  • Scene Investigations.


  • Harassment or Bullying (personal or business related).
  • Partner Infidelity Cases.
  • Child Custody Investigations.
  • Location of Missing Persons (Adult or Child).
  • Finding Birth Parents.
  • Surveillance

 Security experts;

  • Security Guards
  • Alarm response.
  • Bodyguards.
  • Electronic security and alarm systems.

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