Business Investigation

Business Investigation Services

We work with a wide range of business clients to investigate civil and criminal cases throughout New Zealand.

Our professional services to you include

Workplace Theft or Fraud Investigations
We know and understand that theft and fraud in the workplace can cost a company dearly. You may be a successful small to medium size business or a larger enterprise, the basic problems are always the same, not only is there the financial aspect but also the stress and uncertainty that you endure for weeks, months or even years. We can assist you!

According to the ISPA 80% of all theft in retail business is carried out by by the company’s own employees

Depending on the theft or fraud problem you have, we will have a solution to solve it

  • Placement of covert security and CCTV recording systems,
  • Decoy customer,
  • Investigations on suspicious activities and the interviewing of suspects,
  • Honesty testing,
  • Ethical computer hacking,
  • Covert investigations.

Business Background Investigations
We provide our clients with useful information about business or business contacts you may be considering doing business with. You will want to ensure they are totally on the “up and up” with Business Background Investigations.
You may want to learn more about a company or an individual  before contacting them with an offer. You may be considering legal action, or may need to collect on a judgement. Before you commit or hand over money find out all you can.

We will provide fast information at a reasonable price

  • Identity, status and location of a company,
  • Corporate Records,
  • Fictitious Business Name Statement,
  • Lawsuits and judgements,
  • Physical inspections of facilities and operations.

Pre-Employment Checks

The agency understands better than most about the importance of checking the background of a prospective new employee. Its a fact of life that people can exaggerate experience and qualifications on their CV and Some will downright lie about their background to secure employment.

The CBI claim that 49% of all employers say CV lies are a serious problem when recruiting.

  • We can confirm or refute an individuals claims to you,
  • We will get answers to those potentially difficult or sensitive questions,
  • We always tailor an individual background check to suit your own specific company and business needs.

Placement of an Undercover Agent or Decoy
 The agency has the benefit of a genuine police trained “undercover officer” who worked for 5 years in a “Special Operations Group”, responsible for the covert  infiltration of criminal enterprises, and gathering quality intelligence, to make the facts  stick, an expert in the use of specialist and technical equipment. “This agent can now work for you”.