Private Investigation

Private Investigation Services

Investigating personal issues, finding missing persons, investigation of a cheating partner

We work with you to sensitively investigate your genuine concerns.

Our Professional Services to you include

  • Covert Surveillance
  • Pre-marital Background Investigations
  • Child minder/Nanny Checks
  • Child Custody Investigations
  • Missing Persons enquiries  “Adults or Children”
  • Locating Debtors “Personal or Legal Case’s”
  • Locating to Serve Documents
  • Drug Testing

Maybe it can’t happen to you?

A phone bill with frequent calls from your spouse to a mysterious number, sudden late night meetings with lame and flimsy explanations, constantly being “put down”, sudden lack of interest in you or “always to tired”? Its probably nothing.

You’re hiring a new nanny or day care service and find yourself wondering, who is this person watching my child, are they safe, Is there a criminal background, are they qualified? There’s probably no problem.

You’re about to make the commitment of a lifetime in marriage all you can think about is your future together, yet, there are lingering questions about his or her past? It’s probably OK.

Is your teenage son or daughter keeping suspect company, Are they acting stranger than normal, could they taking drugs. Could they ruin their life and end up a criminal, or worse? Probably an age thing.

When you find yourself with concerns, there might be only one way to be sure

Astute Private Investigators has the expertise and experience to investigate your domestic or family concerns with complete professionalism genuine sensitivity and total discretion.

We’ll report back to you with the evidence to restore your peace of mind, or to confirm your unfortunate assumptions. Either way, you finally know for sure what’s going on.

Child Custody Issues
Battling for child custody can be one of the most painful experiences any parent or guardian could ever endure.  Custody trials, unfortunately, often turn into mud-slinging contests. Spiteful ex-spouses and fearful parents are often willing to do just about anything to retain custody of their children, even if that means misrepresenting themselves and making false allegations against others.

Judges presiding over these cases must listen to countless tales of he-said she-said accusations. They are left to choose between the parents and guardians they perceive as the lesser of two evils. It is the sad truth that convincing liars are often granted custody of children at the expense of loving and responsible parents. If you know in your heart that you deserve custody of your children, do not step into court without sufficient evidence to make your case.

Locating Missing Persons
It is often very simple for professionally trained investigators to locate missing persons.  In many instances, the people considered to be missing have simply moved without notifying everyone they know.  When this happens, friends and family can lose touch with one another for years, or even the rest of their lives.  Most people do not know where to start searching if the lost friends they are seeking are not listed in the White Pages.  Here at Astute Private Investigators, we have private investigators who might find the person you are searching for within a few hours.

Other cases of missing persons are not so simple.  If the person you need to find had a history of excessive debt or difficulty repaying money loaned to him, he may have fled his life, making a conscious decision to tell as few people as possible his destination.  People who flee from debt or the law often leave a very scanty paper trail, knowing any documentation of their whereabouts can lead to arrest or captivity by their creditors.