Insurance Investigation

Insurance Investigation Services

We work with many Insurance clients to investigate civil and criminal cases throughout New Zealand.

Our professional services to you include;

We are preferred external investigators for most of the major insurance providers in Australasia, we will happily provide confidential references and examples of cases undertaken should this be required. We undertake the following;

Scene Investigation; We can provide professional and representative photos and diagrams of the scene, ready for introduction as exhibits in court on a full range of case subjects including, Road Traffic collisions, Insurance Fraud, Accident & Medical Compensation, Arson, Factual Fire, Damage and Loss.

Covert Surveillance & Evidence Gathering; The agency’s extensive experience and highly trained surveillance specialists from police or government backgrounds, use the latest in high-tech, state-of-the-art, covert systems. Our equipment ranges from numerous SLR camera’s with telephoto lenses to miniature virtually undetectable video and audio recording systems, infra-red night-time recorders, and specialist body-worn equipment.

Using technical equipment and professional experience, the agency can gather evidence for you.  The gathered evidence will then be compiled and professionally prepared for use as a factual exhibit in criminal or civil prosecutions if required.

Conducting Factual Investigations; The agency will investigate your cases professionally, paying particular attention to the questions you need answered, then answer them fully, and directly, and as per your instructions. We will then produce complete witness and offender case files for court.

Identifying, locating, & Interviewing Witnesses; We are able to quickly locate most witnesses, conduct effective interviews of subjects and take statements in written, audiotape or video formats whatever you require.